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The art of identifying best-fit comes naturally only to a select few. So we took it upon ourselves to make this art a scientific process. Three distinct process stages emerged. It is the core process stage that makes the real difference. It’s what we call the MATCHbox ®.

Need-Fit Analysis

So you have a requirement- it could be for a CXO or a standard middle management replacement. Or let's say you're a potential candidate and you're looking for some new challenges. When you come to us we would take in all your inputs and then ask you “why?”. And some times “why not?”. While it might sound counter-intiutive, it has given quite a number of our clients and candidates the advantage of making hiring decisions with a higher degree of clarity.

Our Need-Fit Analysis covers the following aspects:

• Context Analysis
• Profile Analysis
• Work Analysis
• Cost-Benefit Analysis

We deploy the appropriate analysis as per the requirement. We can assure you this stage of the process does not add any extra timelines unless you would like to- and many of our clients have wisely chosen to invest time at this stage.

The MATCHbox ®

The MATCHbox is a Persona Model, which operates at the cusp of a Need-Fit analysis of the client and the candidate- the real bridge that connects the right candidate to the right requirement.

MATCHbox consists of 4 Personas that can be applied to any position across the organisation including leadership positions:

• The Visionary
• The Integrator
• The Specialist
• The Pioneer

Typically we slot requirements and candidates into the appropriate personas and look for the right fit. This gives us an output for the candidate and the requirement across the archetype. Since no requirement or candidate will squarely fit into a particular slot what we look for is a distribution and bias.

Our proprietary weighted scoring helps us to zero-in on the best fit within the MATCHbox. While these are the broad personas we work with, on certain occasions we also create unique personas that work in context.

Customer Speak

Shyam C Raman ,
Executive Vice President – HR,
Murugappa Group
"It has been a pleasure to work with the team at Saaki Argus on our leadership hiring initiatives. Because they bring a valuable mix of business understanding, insights into the success factors for specific roles and an honest view of cultural fitment, they make the process efficient and effective. Plus, they are quick to respond and engage relentlessly with company and candidate till closure. Sathya herself sets a great example with her unending enthusiasm and transparent and professional approach to search. We wish the team continued success."

Arati Mohanram ,
India HR Head, Mr. Cooper Group

"SAA is a trusted advisor and not just a delivery partner. Sathya and team have helped Mr. Cooper India with strategic hiring inputs ever as times when it isn’t necessarily in their best financial interest. Thank you team Saaki Argus & Averil Consulting for all you do!"

Jayashubha k ,
Chief People Officer ,
TVS Credit Services

"It has been a pleasure to work with Saaki Argus & Averil consulting on some of our critical positions. They have a good track record in filling several challenging positions over the last 11 years with TVS Credit services. I look forward to continue this relationship in our future journey too. I wish them all success."

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