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Good roles with great companies don’t come often so when you get invited to interview based on your resume, it takes a smart person to prepare for it. There is an inherent stress accompanying interviews can you perform well under that pressure ? Would you like feedback on verbal and non verbal cues you may sending out ot the interviewer? Wouldn’t an assessment of your interview performance help you improve your chances of getting the offer?

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" with over 10000 plus man hours coaching candidates and presenting them to our clients, we can help you present your best foot forward. Our interview prep will help you be the best you can be for that new exciting role you are aiming for."

Our expert Interview Coaches will help you with

  • Guidance on what questions to expect and how to respond effectively.
  • How to present your experience and showcase your strengths to make an impact.
  • How to think on your feet to handle questions that could catch you off guard.
  • Prepare to authentically present your personal brand.
  • Personalised support if you are pivoting career and shifting to a new industry or role.
  • Market insights and material to help you with the preparation.

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Our Interview Coaches

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Sathya Krishnan
Have been an executive career coach and counsellor for individuals and organisations, curating careers for more than 2 decades. Focusing on career transitions and management, I help clients identify opportunities and potential risks. Self direction is the smartest way to have a successful career and a fulfilled life, which is achieved by investing a bit of time and boosting self awareness.

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Sunil KP
What defines me best is my ability to always work with and thru people. With over two decades of experience working in various senior leadership roles providing strategic HR direction across different industries like Manufacturing, Telecom, IT & ITES and also a successful entrepreneur. Empowering, enabling and Inspiring has been the framework which has enabled building high performing teams. A coach, mentor and a trusted partner for various professionals. An adventure junkie crazy about long driving and learning new adventure sports.

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Chandru Chakrapani
I am a seasoned professional with 20 years of experience in diverse sectors with exposure to entire gamut of HR. I was associated with companies like Cairn Energy, Virtusa, SPIC Group & LatentView Analytics. Throughout my professional journey, I have been engaged at different stages of an organizations' lifecycle viz. - organic growth, consolidation, pursuance of newer opportunities, downsizing, etc. In 2017, I ventured on my own as an HR Business consultant and founded Peogic Solutions. I am passionate about learning and knowledge sharing; hence I love to mentor young entrepreneurs who take the risk to venture out and create new business paradigms.

Raj Narayan Sampath
Raj Narayan is a global HR leader with over 29 years of experience in HR in diverse industries. Till recently, he was the head of human resources for BNY Mellon Technology India (aka) Bank of New York Mellon; which is one of the significantly important banks in the US.

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Jayanthi Jagannath
Executive coach, social impact enthusiast and an avid runner - these are the titles that define me. More than two decades spent in corporate leadership roles with Deloitte, Fiserv, Nucleus has helped me as a coach facilitating aspiring leaders, executive management and women leaders with measurable results. A certified MBTI practitioner and an emotional intelligence expert, gender issues are close to my heart. As part of steering committee advocate for diversity related initiatives of UN-GCNI Gender Equality forum, I also like investing energies in Industry academia connect.

Ashok G
Ashok G
I comes with over 25 years’ experience across different industries I am Professional with entrepreneurial mindsets. My focus areas are - Startup Business Accelerator for Founders & Corporates, Founders Coach for Tech Startup Promoters in B2C businesses , Team/Talent & Organization, Social Impact on SKILLs , Student Innovation. I also enjoy Setting up , Customer adoption, Partnerships, Fund Raise, Downtown's & Exits, Talent Transformation , Cultural Change, Management Consulting, Organization Design, Employee Relations in Retail-IT- Manufacturing- Education Industries.

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