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At Saaki, Argus & Averil Consuting we understand the key to a successful engagement is to be adaptive to our clients’ business needs. Ergo- The Best-Fit Range- a range of Placement Services spanning Senior Leadership to Operational placements.

Our Industry /Verticals Focus




We understand that identifying leaders who can deliver on P&L and growth intiatives is a strategic priority. StarQuest, our headhunting exercise within a niche, helps start conversations which end with placements that will accelerate growth in the long term. StarQuest actively utilizes the MATCHbox to ensure a clean, fast and responsive hiring experience that Leadership candidates demand to help them engage with their ‘employer-of-choice'.

The ability to attract and retain highly skilled and professional employees is the core workforce challenge in today's scenario. EmpowerNow helps clients maintain their team dynamics by helping to acquire talent as these dynamics change. EmpowerNow also helps our clients take advantage of the availability of a potential candidate- by putting the MATCHbox to good use. EmpowerNow is offered as a retainer service over a period of time.

Vstaf solutions provide our customers with solutions for their temporary requirements for resources. These could be highly specialized skills required for short term engagements or resources that have skills in areas which are non core to our customers' businesses. Resources are taken on our rolls with them being placed onsite at different customer locations. We draw on Matchbox to recruit and retain top-level contract staff for organizations with rapidly changing core and non-core staffing needs.

When companies go on a growth phase and plan exponential addition of numbers we work on a project basis to help acquire the right teams for the new project across all levels. By using the MATCHbox we can generate adequate choice at every staff level. In most cases such projects are handled on an exclusive basis with dedicated resources assigned till the project is completed.

Bespoke Services
We offer a range of Bespoke Services that are offered on a need basis. These services are not rigidly defined and are modelled after detailed discussions. Given below are some of the services.

  • RPO When Clients need an enterprise-wide talent management solution we takeover the end-to-end representation of the recruitment function. These are long-term engagements offered to our larger clients on an exclusivity basis.
  • Market survey Dipstick study on demand supply of specific resource types, sources and compensation benchmarks across industries or within verticals.
  • Reference Verification Discreet background verifications is called for when organisations recruit for sensitive positions. Our Structured 360 degrees reference checks takes care of all aspects of verification to remove all uncertainity in the hiring process.
  • Career Counselling These services are required when senior executives need to move towards new directions. We offer careful deliberation of current and future positions and aid the decision-making process at every stage.

Customer Speak

Vidya Murali, Director, Kubos Consulting
"For a growing entrepreneurial company like ours, it’s very important to align the capabilities and attitudes of prospective employees with our company culture and expectations. Saaki, Argus & Averil play a key role in identifying the right talent for us as well as in communicating/branding our Company vision & expectations to candidates."
Kubos uses our Empower services

Satish Jeyaraman, Head Talent Acquisition Group, Cognizant Technology Solutions
"Partners in the truest sense- that's Saaki, Argus & Averil . Working with us over the past decade, we have seen them grow and mature in their abilities to match our complex hiring requirements. We will continue to depend on them for our senior and regular hiring needs.".
Cognizant uses StarQuest, Empower, BuildUp and other Bespoke services.

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